Boosting the Social Economy in South East Europe

Boosting the Social Economy in South East Europe

Maribor, Slovenia, 7. March 2018

Social Economy Europe together with the Association Social Economy Slovenia in cooperation with the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Slovenia, SOCIAL SEEDS project partner, Regionaldevelopmentagencyof Gorenjska, BSC Kranj, and Municipality of Maribor, European capital of Social Economy 2018, invites you to the Conference “Boosting Social Economy in South East Europe, on 7 th of March 2018 in Maribor, Minorite Church, (Minoritska cerkev at Lutkovno gledališče- Puppet theater, Vojašniški trg 2a, Maribor)

Following Ljubljana declaration on Social Economy in South East Europe, adopted at the Meeting in Ljubljana on 24th and 25th April 2017, and on behalf of the Presidency of Slovenia to the Monitoring Committee of the Luxembourg Declaration, adopted on 4th December 2015 in Luxembourg, Social Economy Europe in cooperation with the Association Social Economy Slovenia, Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Slovenia, SOCIAL SEEDS project partner, Regionaldevelopmentagencyof Gorenjska, BSC Kranj and Municipality of Maribor, European capital of Social Economy 2018 is inviting you to the Conference »Boosting Social Economy in South East Europe«.

Social Economy is becoming a key enabler of the future work and business in the European Union and neighbouring regions, including the countries in the region of South East Europe. Passing the »proof of concept« phase we are entering into the »proof of stake«, and together with the increased visibility and acknowledgement of Social Economy Enterprises creating strong Ecosystem of Social Economy in the Region of South East Europe, Slovenia is becoming a Role model of cooperation between different stakeholders of Social Economy vertically and horizontally. Supporting the national Social Economy Network organizations of the South East Regions, Slovenia is creating a strong regional network on the level of South East Europe and therefore strenghtening the European Social Economy Networks and Associations.

European Union together with its institutions is becoming aware of the need to the design of the programs and instruments facilitating the access to finance and access to market for the Social Economy Enterprises and organizations in European Member States and South East Europe countries, as a convergency is needed for all. It would enable Social Economy Enterprises and organizations to achieve a substantial social impact and together with the disruption introduced in business models of traditional companies achieve sustainable development for the whole society.

Creting strong networks is even more important for the creation of future business and work.

We invite you to create the future of Social Economy together!

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  • 9.30 – 10.00 Registration

Conference language: English (Slovenian, Spanish translation)

  • 10.00 – 10.30 Welcome speeches by:
    • Miro Cerar, Prime Minister of Slovenia
    • Lazar Lazarov, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy Bulgaria
    • Andrej Fištravec, Mayor of Maribor, Slovenia
    • Mojca Z. Metelko, Secretary General of Association Social EconomySlovenia
    • Juan Antonio Pedreño, Presidentof Social Economy Europe
    • Karl Vanderpoorten: Social Economy and Entrepreneurship, European Commission
  • 10.30 – 11.30 Roundtable 1: The social economy in South-East Europe and supporters

Presented and moderated by Social Economy Europe (Victor Meseguer, SEE Director)

  • Representative of Slovenia (Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary)
  • Representative of Croatia (Teo Petričevič, ActGroup)
  • Representative of Serbia (Neven Marinovič, Smart Kolektiv)
  • Representative of Macedonia (Klimentina Ilijevski)
  • Representative of Montenegro (Igor Miloševič, ZID)
  • Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Samira Nuhanovič, Mozaik)
  • Jean-Christophe Burkel, Director of ULESS (Luxembourgish Union of the Social and Solidarity Economy)

11.30 – 11.45 CoffeeBreak

  • 11.45 – 12.45 Roundtable 2: Conducive ecosystems for the social economy: other best practices from all over Europe

Presented and moderated by Association Social Economy Slovenia (Nena Dokuzov, member of management board)

  • Juan Antonio Pedreño, President of CEPES and Social Economy Europe
  • Emmanuel Verny, General Delegate of ESS-France
  • Nadine Muller, Ministry of labour, social economy and solidarity, Luxembourg
  • Claudia Fiaschi, Spokes person of Forum Nazionale Terzo Settore (tbc)
  • Representative of the Portuguese Social Economy Confederation (tbc)
  • Representativeof EURADA: Esteban PELAYO: SOCIAL SEEDS and Watify – modernization of social enterprises
  • 12.45 – 13.45 Roundtable 3: Innovative social economy experiences and projects:


  • Blockchain for social impact (Slovenia, Nena Dokuzov)
  • Social impact (Serbia, Branko Krsmanovič)
  • Dirk Vasintjan, President RESCOOP (tbc)
  • Michal Len, Directorof RREUSE
  • Luiggi Martigneti (REVES)
  • Peru Sasia, President of FEBEA, Innovative financial instruments for the social economy (tbc)
  • Coopfond representative, (Mutualistic Found of Legacoop), Coopstartup: fostering innovation through cooperative start-ups creation

13.45 – 14.30 LunchBreak

14.30 – 15.30 Round table 4: Buyingresponsible

  • Mojca Štepic, Social entrepreneurship law and promotion of SE from the state level
    • Mojca Žganec Metelko, Why and how of the campaign “Buying responsible” in Slovenia
    • Miro Mihec, Ethical advertising & Social impact marketing
    • Lilijana W. Brajlih, Supply with the purpose – practical cases in case of public procurement of local food on the public institution level
    • Tina Arnuš: The Power of the social responsible community


  • Closing remarks – Slovenian presidency perspective
    • Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary, responsible for establishing dialogue with the civil society


The event is happening in Minorite church (Minoritska cerkev) – the Puppet Theater (Lutkovno gledališče).
Adress: Vojašniški trg 2a, Maribor
ENTRANCE: Through the Puppet Theater (Lutkovno gledališče)
Parking: Parking house Under the market – over the corner of Minorite church(Garažna hiša Pod tržnico) OR Parking house Pristan (5 minutes)

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