MARIBOR, 21.6.2018 | International conference: Green transition to the circular economy and 4th Festival “When I raise myself, I raise Maribor”

The conference and the festival will be held within the framework of the project “Maribor, European Capital of Social Economy” under the honorable patronage of the Municipality and the participation of the Association Social Economy Slovenia.

The International Conference “Green Transformation & Circular Economy (Zelen prehod v krožno gospodarstvo)” will be held at the Knights’ Hall of the Provincial Museum in Maribor Castle, organized by the Novum Institute and the ELF organization, on June 21, 2018, between 9am and 5pm.

In parallel will be held the 4th festival “When I raise myself, I raise Maribor”  in Grajski trg, organized by the social enterprise Pupillam so.p. and ethical advertising companies Etika d.o.o., with stands on the topic of the circular economy between 11.00 and 18.00, and with the musical program on the stage and short speeches by famous Mariborians between 18.00 and 21.30.

The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of “waste”, personal responsibility and our influence, so that most of our everyday items can be reused.

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21.6. it is also a solar plant, a summer solstice that promotes a turning point in man;
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Location of the conference: Knight’s Hall of the Provincial Museum in Maribor Castle (Viteška dvorana Pokrajinskega muzeja v mariborskem gradu), Grajska ulica 2, Maribor


 09:00            Registration

09:30            Welcome speech

                      Sebastjan Pikl | director, Inštitut Novum

                      Andrej Fištravec | mayor, Municipality of Maribor (tbc)

                      X.X | Rector of the University of Maribor (tbc)

                      Tadej Slapnik | State Secretary, Government of the Republic of Slovenia (tbc)

09:40            Introduction to the circular economy

10:00 -11:40 Panel: “Re-use and recycling of clothing and textiles”

Jana Žůrková | Rreuse (Bruselj)

Jure Strah | president of the Dobrote company (tbc)

Maja Bauman |Resyntex projekt (tbc)

Nataša Foltanova | Tierra Verde (Praga)

Daniel Grancho|  director, TESS EEIG (tbc)

Antonio Roade| Project Manager, Circle Economy (Amsterdam)

Moderator:  Mojca Metelko, general secretary, Association Social economy Slovenia

11:40: 12:00 Coffee break

12:00 -13:30 Panel : “Reduction of disposed food at home and in companies”

Dalibor  Matijević | director and founder, RobinFood

Eva Štraser | founder, EverGreen, Bokri

x.x. |Oxford (tbc)

x.x. | Danone (tbc)

Zdenko Podlesnik| Lions (tbc)

x.x.| Love food hate waste (London)(tbc)

Moderator:  Urša Zgojznik, president, Ecologists Without Borders (Ekologi brez meja)

13:30: 15:00 Lunch

15:00 -16:30 Panel : “How is plastic recycling?”

Delphine Alvarez | coalition Break Free from Palstics (tbc)

Ivan Plevnik | KOCEROD (tbc)

Manca Kovač/Uroš Robič | Water Institute (Inštitut za vode) (tbc)

Andrej Kržan | Chemical institute (Kemijski inštitut) (tbc)

Harmen Speck| Foundation »Plastic soup« (tbc)

Katja Sreš/Jaka Kranjc| Zero waste Slovenija, Ecologists Without Borders (Ekologi brez meja)

Moderator:  Felicita Medved, president, Inštitut Novum

16:30 – 17:00  Analysis and proposals for decision-makers and continuation of the process

17:00  Refresh and finish the event

The event connects: Aljaž Pengov-Bitenc


At the same time, on June 21 2018, will be held outside at the Castle Square in front of the Provincial Museum, the 4th Festival When I raise myself, I raise Maribor  (Ko dvignem sebe, dvignem Maribor) to a similar topic.


11:00-22:00 Stalls and workshops at Grajski trg:

– stand of movement When I raise myself, I raise Maribor, info point and program conferences

– stand of Maribor social enterprises

– Association Social Economy of Slovenia (Buy responsible – Kupujem odgovorno, Institute Novum, Etika d.o.o., Zavod Knof, so.p., Institute of Potential, Tip & Tap so.p., …)

– Society Pupillam so.p. with the Green Solutions Center

– stand cooperative Dobrote (collection and re-use of clothing)

– Mom’s eco business club

– Maribor municipality and utility companies

– Mojo & Etika d.o.o., unusual promotion

– Ecologists without borders (Ekologi brez meja): promotion of the action Let’s clean Slovenia last time, 15.9. with eco flash mob event

– Kerpanova miza (workshop on natural laws, rights and obligations)

– Mimi, the world of porcelain

18:00-21:30  Stage at Grajski trg: the 4th festival When I raise myself, I raise myself

– Tell your story: life stories of famous Mariborians for the rise of Maribor

– Musical performances by famous Mariborians

– Slavc L. Kovačič: acoustic program Od Bitlsof do Penzije

– Spidi’s young talents

– young singer Mojca Mihec

– fashion show with reusable clothing

– eko flash mob Ecologists without borders

Photo location: Castle Square with the Provincial Museum (Grajski trg s Pokrajinskim muzejem), Maribor, Slovenija

The event is free.

For a better organization, please sign up for this event on this link.



Miro Mihec, Etika d.o.o.,  +386 41 710 277

Sebastjan Pikl, inštitut Novum, +386 31 619 305

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