All organizations with the status of a social enterprise should be allowed to register in the register of voluntary organizations on Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Services (AJPES).

Initiative No.5

Initiative published on 13th November 2018.


states, inter alia:

Article 2 – Definitions

Point eight – a social enterprise is a non-profit legal entity that acquires the status of a social enterprise and can be a society, institution, foundation, company, cooperative, European cooperative or other legal person in private law, which is not established solely for the purpose of obtaining profit and does not share the generated surplus of income over expenses;

Article 3 – Goals and Principles of Social Entrepreneurship

(2) Social entrepreneurship includes non-profit legal entities established and operating according to the following principles (hereinafter referred to as: principles), which demonstrate their social character;

Point 4 – the services of its members are volunteered (voluntary code of action);

Point 7 – organizations may include voluntary work (inclusion of volunteering).

Summarized and translated from:

Under the Volunteering Act (Zakon o prostovoljstvu), an organization can include volunteers if it is registered in the register of voluntary organizations on AJPES. Despite meeting the demands of the non-profitability principle, cooperatives and companies with the status of a social enterprise cannot be registered.

INITIATIVE: Association Social Economy Slovenia so.p. proposes that the anomaly in the acts and implementing acts change so that, just like other social enterprises, cooperatives and companies with an SE status may also register in the register of voluntary organizations and those that include voluntary work.

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