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Application to May, 3rd 2017

The University of Bologna (Department of Architecture and Department of Economics) is pleased to announce the second edition of the Social Innovation Community Summer School (SUMSIC 2017), which will be held at the University of Bologna from June 26th to June 30th. This second edition is organised in partnership with AEIDL, DRIFT, Nesta, Reves, Sinnergiak, SIX, Technical University of Dortmund, Young Foundation and ZSI. The University of Bologna also acknowledges the collaboration of Aiccon, Impronta Etica, and SECS IRT (University of Bologna).
The SIC Summer School (SUMSIC 2017) aims at presenting an opportunity for a lively discussion about the role of regions as possible ecosystems for social innovation. In this respect, a special emphasis will be devoted to the importance of history and culture of a region for the development of such ecosystem, as well as the role of institutions, private and public, to support and facilitate such development. The discussion will always be orientated to assess the policy relevance of the topics examined. The school will provide participants with presentations of cases and experiences of social innovation in regions in and outside the EU, as well as general lectures and talks. In line with the learning objectives of the summer school, three parallel workshops (each participant will be allocated upon request to one of the three) will be organized in the afternoons in order to tackle challenges proposed by stakeholders of the Social Innovation Community in the Emilia-Romagna region. Each group will be able to present the results of the work conducted in the school in a final presentation in a plenary session the last day of
the school. Moreover, study visits will be organised in order to give participants a better understanding of the ecosystem of social innovation in the Bologna region. The school will be held in English. For more information about the SIC project, please visit

ADMISSION The Summer School is aimed at students currently engaged in graduate studies (Master and PHD), practitioners and policy makers. The target number of participants is 45. The school has no admission fee. The school participation covers lunches and coffee breaks, study visits as well as a welcome cocktail, a guided tour of Bologna and a social dinner. Travel, accommodation and other expenses will be individual responsibility of the participants. There are no scholarships available to cover travel or other costs. A full Curriculum Vitae and a completed admission form is required for the application. Each applicant should send full CV and admission form to by May3rd at the latest. The candidates admitted to the summer school will be notified by e-mail by May 10th. Admitted candidates are required to confirm by e-mail their acceptance and to pay a down-payment of 50 euros to UNIBO by bank transfer by May17th (details of bank transfer will be sent on notification of acceptance) in order to secure their place at the school. This down-payment will be refunded by UNIBO at end of the summer school by bank transfer.

For further information, please contact the School Office:
Email: Fax: +39 051 2098040 Mail: Social Innovation Community Summer School c/o Anastassia Naboko Department of Economics Piazza Scaravilli, 1 – 40124 Bologna, Italy


Social Innovation Community Summer School (SUMSIC 2017) 2nd Edition

“Regions as Social Innovations Ecosystems? History, culture and institutions”

June 26th – 30th, 2017

University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy


Application Deadline: May 3rd, 2017
Confirmation of Acceptance: May 10th, 2017
Registration Deadline: May 17th, 2017


Please read the following instructions carefully before filling out the application form.

1. The final due date for the application is May 3rd, 2017

2. Applications to the Summer School are assessed on the basis of the information you provide in this fo Please write the required details and check boxes where applicable. A complete Curriculum Vitae is requested in order to apply for the school.

3. Further information regarding the down-payment of 50 euros will be given to the selected participants after confirmation of acceptance. In any case, the deadline for the down- payment is May 17th, 2017. Applications turned in after May 3rd 2017 will only be considered if there is still availability of place

4. The  completed  and  hand-signed  form, together  with  a full CV,  should  be  sent  as pdf documents to the following e-mail address:



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Personal motivations: Please write why you are interested in applying to this school and what your main motivations are. (max. 500 words)



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The School encourages applications from disabled students. We kindly recommend you to inform us about your disability at this early stage so that we can make any necessary, reasonable individual arrangements.

Please  indicate  below  the  nature  of  your  disability  and  if  you  think  you  might  require  individual arrangements while you are at the School. Once we have this information, we will contact you directly.

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Fax:                     +39 051 2098040

Mail:                   Social Innovation Community Summer School

c/o Anastassia Naboko – Department of Economics

Piazza Scaravilli, 1 – 40124 Bologna, Italy




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