FAIR OF SOCIAL ECONOMY ENTERPRISES | 24. – 25. April 2017 | Brdo Congress Centre – Slovenia

Association Slovene forum of social economy entrepreneurship invites you to participate to


within the regional conference


from 24th to 25th of April 2017, Kongres Centre Brdo pri Kranju and Ljubljana, Slovenija

Fair of social economy enterprises will last 2 days as a side event within the Regional Conference SSE2 and is organized by Association Slovene forum of social entrepreneurship. We kindly invite you to participate and present your social economy activities. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business, exchange ideas and enhance your regional network.

INFORMATION FOR EXHIBITORS: 31 stands are available in front of the Conference halls. The size of the stand is 1,6 m2 and consists of one table, two chairs and an electric plug. Exhibitors are allowed to present themselves at the stand with one roll-up.

Participation is free of charge. Exhibitors should register for the exhibition stand in advance, until 19th of April 2017 or when we are full. We welcome exhibitors – social economy enterprises – from the whole South – East Europe and other EU Member states regions. Registration is open until stands are available.

Exhibitors are also invited to organize presentations as individual events (duration of 10 minutes) at their stands. We will be glad to help and will invite visitors and participants of the conference to attend your presentation. This information should be enclosed with registration. Individual presentation events are possible from the beginning of the conference on 24th April 2017 from 9 a.m. to the end of the second day of the conference on 25th April 2017 until 12 p.m. We have a limited number of stands avaliable so we can not guarantee that all exhibitors will get an individual stand.

In any case we will provide a common stand for promotional materials. We will inform you about further instructions about your stand, individual event at stand and your promoting materials until 20th of April. Thank you for your understanding.

Please register here. Registration will be closed on 19th of April 2017 or untill we are full.

For more info and registration please contact:

Mr. Miro Mihec (M: +386 41 710 277) and Mrs. Iris Magajna (M: + 386 41 280 009); E: info@socialnaekonomija.si


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The conference is held by Republic of Slovenia in cooperation with European commission, partner countries and organizations from EU Member states and partner countries.

The purpose of the conference is to boost social economy enterprises in the South East Europe (SEE) region countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania. It provides a platform for exchange of public and private experiences across Europe for development of social economy enterprises in SEE, for establishing links and a common strategy of the region.

Registration is available and will be closed on 15th April 2017. Participation to the conference is free of charge.


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For more information please visit  official website of the conference.



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