Strategy and activities

ASES Strategy:

  • Establishment of branches in all Slovenian regions.
  • Establishment of the network »South East social economy Europe«, and management of this network for the first period.
  • Enrolment in Social Economy Europe as SE Europe.


Acts of the SES Association:

  • acquiring database of social economy enterprises in Slovenia and abroad, getting excellent contacts, obtaining descriptions of knowledge and offers
  • meetings for over 30 re-use stores of Slovenia -, to find a common challenge and initiatives
  • festival days of Social Economy as part of the Festival When I raise myself up, I raise Maribor
  • partnership with Diesis Network
  • acquiring affordable computer software licenses for SCOP
  • representation of Slovenia’s social economy at conferences abroad – Madrid, Poland …
  • B2B network of social enterprises, for example the group “Good goods”
  • regional branches form a regional network of social economy participant
  • “Official” members of the Association are providing legal aid, accounting and other per member price consulting and for other members free of charge
  • prepare a monthly newspaper full of news of the social economy
  • to host banquet for volunteers and interns from the social economy.

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